Parents are the most influential person in the lives of their students. Throughout middle school, the gap between parents and students may appear to get wider and wider. It may not always feel that way, but your students are always listening and watching you.

At Transit, we are all about middle schoolers discovering a faith of their own. One of the ways that we do that is by partnering with you, the parent. We hope that Transit isn’t just a Sunday event but is leveraged throughout the week to help students make the most out of middle school.

We’ve compiled some of our favorite resources, blogs, and websites that will set you up to look back on the middle school years as a win for you and your family.

Featured Resource: Students + Technology

Your students will have to deal with the good and the bad that technology offers. It’s a different world than we grew up in and one that we’re still learning to navigate as adults. Andy Stanley sat down and gave us advice on how best to prepare our students for the challenges that come with technology and smartphones.

Additional Recommendations

Transit recommends Circle or Bark. They are the most straightforward and most flexible technology monitoring products that we’ve found that cover most devices and allows us to pick the best options for different ages and stages. Check them out and choose the right product for your family.

Great Resources To Help You Parent Your Middle Schooler

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