RiverLife exists to transform lives by equipping volunteers to grow deep in faith and reach wide in service to others through local missions. The name RiverLife comes from the vision recorded in Ezekiel 47. Ezekiel describes a river. Everywhere the river flows, it brings life. RiverLife works to do the same.

RiverLife works year-round to identify people who need wheelchair access ramps, exterior home repairs, and yard clean-up. The staff and volunteers focus on repair and clean-up; they also strive to build relationships with their clients and help connect them with resources within the community.

In 2018 the #ServeCoweta initiative was started. In response to the EF4 tornado that impacted Coweta County in March of 2021, #ServeCoweta became an ongoing volunteer hub that accepts requests for cleanup efforts and mobilizes teams to serve.

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