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Give Serve Love

Let’s Help Kids in Our Community

We want every kid in our community to know that God loves them, and we do too. One simple way is to make sure every child in our community has snacks at school.

So pick up a Give Serve Love shopping bag outside of Waumba Land and take your kids to the store to help you fill it up with snacks. It’s as easy as “Snack, Pack, Bring It Back!”

Snack: Buy snack packs of healthy snacks for kids to have at school. Let your kids help choose their favorite snacks! (Please, no nuts or candy, and keep snack packs in their original packaging so schools can see the expiration dates on the boxes!)

Pack: Fill your Give, Serve, Love bag with the snacks.

Bring it Back: Drop off your snack bag at Southside Church.

You can pick up a list of snacks to include at your specific location. 


Ways We’d Love to Partner with You

We have a plan!

Come to Waumba Land!
We have a plan to help your child discover who God is no matter what their age! Each week, your child will have fun singing, dancing, and learning about God in meaningful and developmentally appropriate ways through hands-on activities.

Monthly Resources
Each month in Waumba Land, you’ll have digital access to a new conversation card and verse cling. Use these to keep the conversation going and help your preschooler learn their Bible verse!

Waumba Land on YouTube
Subscribe today so your child can watch some of their favorite Bible stories, games, and music videos—fun videos your preschooler will love, with content you’ll feel good about.


Waumba Land on Spotify
Preschoolers LOVE music, and they can listen to all their favorite songs on the Waumba Land Spotify playlist.


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