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Puppet with a Purpose!

Help your preschooler learn their Bible verse.

Your preschooler will be coming home from Waumba Land Sunday, March 26, with their very own decorated friend puppet!

Ask them to show you how their puppet is helping them learn the words and motions to our Bible verse.

“Above all (fan arms out in a circle)
love (hug self)
each other (point all around)
deeply (make scooping motion)”
1 Peter 4:8. (Open hands like a book.)

Use the puppet to practice the verse anytime you’re playing with your preschooler, and they’ll be sure to never forget that good friends… “love each other deeply”!

Read About Jesus Together!

He is a good friend.

Reading is so much fun and a great way for preschoolers to learn. So take time to read one of the Bible stories we’re teaching in Waumba Land this month to help your preschooler remember that Jesus is a good friend.

Jesus Washed the Disciples’ Feet

When 12 guys showed up to dinner with dirty, stinky feet, find out what Jesus did to be a good friend!
(Page 286 in the Jesus Storybook Bible)

Need a great Bible for your preschooler? One of our favorites is the Jesus Storybook Bible!

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