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Here is how your family can GIVE SERVE LOVE

Snack, Pack, Bring It Back!

We want every kid in our community to know that God loves them, and we do too. One simple way is to make sure children in our community have food. So take your kids to fill a Give Serve Love shopping bag. It’s as easy as “Snack, Pack, Bring It Back!”


Buy snack packs of healthy snacks for kids to have at school. Let your kids help choose their favorite snacks for the bag. Please no nuts or candy and keep snack packs in their original packaging so schools can see the expiration dates on the boxes.


Fill your Give Serve Love bag with the snacks.


Return the bag to Southside Church.

Give Serve Love bags and a list of needed snacks are available on UpStreet.

UpStreet’s Verse Cling

Learn it, Lock it, Live it.

The key to starting strong and staying strong is this verse cling. And the best way for your kids to learn it is with YOU.  You are their greatest influence, so take time together this month to LEARN it, LOCK it, LIVE it.

LEARN IT: Put this cling somewhere your family will see it everyday (refrigerator, window, back door, mirror)

LOCK IT: Have fun at dinner by memorizing this verse together. Try saying it while balancing a spoon on your nose.

LIVE IT: Remind each other often that no matter what kind of day you’ve had, God promises to always be with you, to help you, and to strengthen you. So do not fear—be strong!

Verse clings available on UpStreet.

UpStreet’s Parent Card

Make time matter.

We know great conversations can happen with your child. So, save this parent card to help your kids lean into God’s promise to help and strengthen them. Knowing he is always with them means that when things get tough, they won’t give up.

Digital copies are available at

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