Southside Park

Coming soon to Southside Church, Newnan.

A park for your family and friends!

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A Park FOR the Southside!

Wow, there are over 40,000 kids and teenagers in Coweta County, and that number’s expected to grow by over 50% in the next 25 years! That’s a massive opportunity to make a positive impact on the next generation following Jesus. And guess what? Thanks to you, Southside Church is already leading the way!

Here’s how we can do even more… Imagine Southside Park right here on the back lawn. It will be a place where kids, teens, and families can play together and connect while growing in their faith. This park won’’t just be fun, it will create a welcoming environment where everyone feels right at home – a place that even unchurched and dechurched people feel comfortable exploring. Southside Park will let our communities know God is FOR them, and so are we!

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Make Southside Park a Reality!

  • Pray: Know someone who’d love Southside Park? Pray this space will spark their journey following Jesus.
  • Give: Southside Park will cost over $200,000, but with 2,000 people like you actively engaging at Southside Newnan, we can make it happen. What if every one of you just gave $100 extra per child, teenager, or adult? We could easily make the park a reality!

Site Plan

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the park for?

Southside Park will offer something for everyone: playgrounds, open fields for sports and games, seating areas and even a multi-use court for basketball and pickleball!  Whether a preschooler, empty nester, or any age in between, there’s a place for you and your friends.

What is the timeframe for opening?

Construction will begin when enough funds are raised and will take several months to complete.  A potential opening could be late Fall 2024.

How much will it cost?

Southside Park will cost about $200,000.

How do I give?

Click this link and give to Southside Park or send check and in the memo put” Southside Park”

I have another question?

Contact Pam Fincher for more information.


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No in-person services on Sunday, May 26.