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If you had to make a list of the most famous performers over the past 50 years, who would be on it? Who is it that, in their prime, would pack arenas full of people screaming at the very sight of them? Hanging on their every word… or watching every move they made. Who’s on that list? Or let’s narrow it down to even one. Who is ONE person over the last 50 years that created more energy and had more of a following than anyone else? Who would you say?

Whoever it is, when you think of that person, imagine how crowds were (or are) when they’re around that person. People can’t contain themselves. They’re absolutely overwhelmed. After all, people are thinking, Someone like ME is in a room with someone like THAT! This is amazing! Thousands of people are all focused on one person.

Now, imagine at one of these events, out of nowhere… down from the sky… an angel appeared and showed up onstage right in the middle of this famous PERSON’s event. Well… the show’s over. We’re no longer paying attention to this person’s show or talents, no matter how famous they are. We’re watching this ANGEL now. After all, angels are a WAY bigger deal than any human! We would shift our attention immediately to the angel.

But now—and pretend for one more second—instead of a stadium full of PEOPLE, imagine if that stadium were full of angels. FULL of these powerful creatures who have supernatural abilities. Full of these messengers from God. Not just ONE of them onstage, but tens of thousands of them in the seats—or standing, since their wings might be in the way. It’s almost unimaginable.

Well, in the same way WE would react to an actual ANGEL—one angel—coming onstage, those thousands of ANGELS would react to being in the presence of Jesus. How could we lowly angels find ourselves in the presence of someone like HIM?

In the song “O Come, All Ye Faithful,” we’re told to “Come and behold him,” the one who is “Born the king of angels.” That doesn’t mean Jesus is some sort of angel—the King Angel. It means all the angels report to him. He’s the King OF angels. They bow to him.

The writer of the New Testament letter Hebrews said, “When God brought Jesus into the world, all angels worshipped him.” And the writer even emphasized the point by asking a question, “For to which of the angels did God ever say, ‘You are my Son?’” The answer is rhetorical. None.

As much as we wouldn’t be able to imagine the presence of an actual angel in our midst, angels are continually in awe of being in the presence of Jesus, their King.

“Oh, come, let US adore him”—the only one worthy to have angels bow at his feet.


Heavenly Father, help me remember your greatness and the lengths you went to in order to reach me.

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Come and behold him Born the king of angels