Partnering With The Community: I-58 Mission

I-58 Mission, Inc. helps many people and families every day. The Christian service agency was formed to partner with the community to answer a passage from Isaiah 58 in mind. I-58 seeks to help set the oppressed free, share food, provide shelter, and clothe those in need.

Their vision is to exalt Christ and make Him known to everyone they reach and get to help. Many of those who visit I-58 for help not only have their physical needs met but their spiritual needs, too. Below is the story from one who made a recent visit to I-58 Mission.

“When I was there August 5th, I gave my heart to God. I was the one that broke down crying in the middle of devotion. Lol! I cried all the way home. That day changed my heart. We’re still struggling financially, and my life wasn’t miraculously fixed. I still struggle with mental illness, but my heart has changed. The Devil is putting up a fight, but I’ve dug my heels in, and I’m not letting him take me down. Through God and perseverance, my life will be made whole, just like my heart has. I’ve struggled with severe mental illness my whole life. I’ve always felt alone, like no one understood but now, I don’t feel alone. I-58 Mission was created by God, and they are His hands. No person, no therapy, no medicine has ever made me feel the love and peace I feel. Thank you for being God’s hands.”

Every week I-58 serves individuals and families like the one above. Learn more about I-58 at Consider helping them by volunteering or providing some of the items below. 

  • Food
  • New or nearly new clothing
  • Tennis shoes
  • Linens
  • Baby Gear
  • Mattresses
  • Appliances

We are excited to partner with The i58 Mission through our annual extravaganza of generosity called, Be Rich. We encourage you to continue to GIVE, SERVE, and LOVE. Thank you for being FOR the Southside through the Be Rich campaign!