Sunday Feature, April 12

Sunday Feature, April 12

What Jesus did on that first Easter is the most amazing thing that has ever happened. And Jesus did it for the whole world—and that includes you. Celebrate with us as we make a big deal out of the one thing everyone in the world needs to know.

Talk About It With Your Kids:

  • What do we celebrate at Easter?
  • What can our family do to celebrate what Jesus did for us? (Write in sidewalk chalk on your driveway or make a poster to hang in the window that says, “Jesus Is Alive!” so your neighbors can see it.)

On UpStreet, music is pretty important. Kids can learn amazing truths about God through the songs we sing each week. And when a song is on repeat in their heads, they’re reminding themselves of that truth over and over again.

If your kids have been missing their weekly dose of UpStreet songs, have them jam out to our music video playlist.