An environment designed with high school students in mind

A Family Of Students Who Own Their Faith Together.

InsideOut is a movement of students inspired to follow Jesus together. It's a family, and this family is for everyone.

Welcome to InsideOut, our ministry designed specifically for high school students! It includes a live band, practical teaching and guided group discussion.

InsideOut small groups are led by adults committed to equipping students to successfully navigate high school and develop a faith of their own.

If you need assistance joining a group, please email us.


How can I stay informed about what's happening for my high school student from InsideOut?

To make the most of the resources InsideOut has available for your high school student, please join our parent group on Facebook to stay up-to-date on all things IO!

You can also join our email list.

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

Stay Connected Throughout The Week

Stay Connected Throughout The Week

Looking for Henry County High School page?

Henry County campus currently does not have an environment for InsideOut but meets with middle & high school students together as Transit.