Day 9

In the first century, most women were viewed as possessions. They were second-class citizens who were often overlooked, unappreciated, and, oftentimes, abused. Throughout the Gospels, however, we see Jesus repeatedly value, affirm, and choose women.

A great example is Jesus’s relationship with Mary Magdalene. Not only was she seen as inferior because of her gender, she had been tormented by, and delivered from, seven demons.

But that didn’t stop Jesus. Mary became a follower of Jesus. Scholars believe that he put her in charge of the other women who were traveling with him and his disciples. And Mary was the first person Jesus appeared to after the resurrection (Mark 16:9). God chose her to be the first person to spread the good news.

Jesus loved to use the least likely people to do amazing things.

Maybe you feel you’re disqualified from being used by God for some reason. Maybe because of your past or the messiness of your life, you have decided God cannot use you.

If you are feeling this way, know that God can use the least likely of us for some of his greatest purposes. Just like Mary.