Day 4

Have you ever worked for a boss or had a friend who “knows it all”? You know the type… the one who gets offended if you question their ideas… the one who criticizes anything new or innovative… the one who says, “This is the way we have always done it.”

In Jesus’s time, Annas was a leader in the nation of Israel who constantly worked to protect his place of power in the political landscape. He was a high priest, not by birth, but by an appointment of the Roman government. During this time, high priests had incredible power and influence. They made decisions on behalf of the Romans and the Jews while looking out for their own interests. Annas was able to call the shots on Jesus’s arrest and interrogation.

When Jesus claimed to be the Son of God, Annas and the Jewish leadership felt their influence was threatened, so they plotted to kill him. Jesus taught with authority, and he challenged the temple system. He was challenging everything Annas had come to know. Instead of considering this new way of approaching God that Jesus was teaching, Annas rejected it.

We can all, at times, turn into know-it-alls. We can reject anything new. We can get angry and defensive about anything that challenges our authority. We can act as if we know more than our co-workers, bosses, spouses, friends, or parents. Here are some questions to help you discover if you are developing a know-it-all attitude:

  1. Do you speak before you listen?
  2. Are your ideas always better than everyone else’s?
  3. Are you open to change?

Do you feel like you’ve heard the Easter story a thousand times and you know it all? Maybe God is up to something during this Easter season. Ask God to open your heart to change and remove any know-it-all attitude in your life.