Day 10

Mary’s son was unjustly and brutally murdered right in front of her. He was mocked and abused and there was literally nothing she could do. Can you imagine? It’s heartbreaking.

Near the cross of Jesus stood his mother, his mother’s sister, Mary the wife of Clopas, and Mary Magdalene. – John 19:25

Jesus was a grown man and the Son of God. But to Mary, he was also the baby she had held, rocked, and protected. They’d laughed and played together. They read the Scriptures and attended temple together. She had enjoyed a front-row seat to every significant moment in his life. But now, as he was being tortured, so was she.

Mary had seen Jesus do miracles, so she must have known he could stop all of this. Did she wonder why he didn’t? Did she plead with him to rescue himself? Did she have to be physically restrained for fear she might try to hurt these men who were killing her son?

Or did she stand there weeping, somehow knowing there was something bigger going on?

Remember, Mary found out she was expecting because an actual angel showed up and told her she was carrying God’s Son. They had been visited by shepherds who were sent by angels and kings who were led by a star. She’d known who Jesus was from the start. Is it possible that she knew this wasn’t really the end?

We don’t really know what Mary was thinking on that day when she lived a parent’s worst nightmare. We don’t know if she was prepared in any way. We don’t know what was really happening in her heart and mind.

Whatever Mary knew or didn’t know, she was experiencing the worst day of her life. But it was not the end of her story. In fact, Mary’s greatest pain led to her greatest joy. Just three days later, her son was alive again, proving that everything he had said was true!

Your story isn’t finished either.

Whatever challenge, whatever pain, whatever heartbreak or difficulty you’re experiencing is not the end of your story.

Find a few minutes today to ask God to help you remember that. Trust him to lead you from pain into joy.