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About global(x)

global(x) provides well-planned, meaningful journeys for you to serve at-risk people in communities around the world. We want to help you combine your faith and your service so you can make life better for those in need.


In 2012 Southside began a partnership with Operation Mobilization in rural Costa Rica. We go to the rural indigenous communities of the Bribri people groups located in remote areas, the majority in the mountains of Talamanca near the Panamanian border.

OM’s work in the region seeks to bring tangible transformation by meeting social, developmental, and spiritual needs through long-term discipleship. Our partnership over the long term has seen significant community transformation in the lives of people who otherwise would not have access to the life-changing message of the gospel, including the establishment of a local indigenous church. Our purpose with sending short term teams from Southside is to partner alongside the OM team in Talamanca to continue to connect with the least reached and help them with their vision for the community. We do this by helping with men and women’s programs, church services, youth programs, and going into homes to pray with people and share the gospel.

In addition to relational ministry, there are usually ample opportunities for practical work as well, such as light construction and maintenance. Trips are typically eight days in the Summer and Fall. This trip is limited to adults only or children 16 years and older, accompanied by a parent. For more information, contact us at [email protected].