Growth Groups

Dive deep into faith-related topics

Do you ever feel like there are faith-related topics that you wish you had an opportunity to learn more about? Do you desire a place to connect with others while fostering spiritual growth? We have created an environment called Growth Groups for you.


Growth Groups Are

  • Spiritual Learning Environments
  • 3-4 Weeks Long
  • Hosted at Southside Church By Our Pastoral Team

Topics Include

  • The Bible
  • The Holy Spirit
  • Prayer
  • Tough Questions
  • God’s Will
  • Investing Spiritually
  • Things that Grow Faith
  • Faith and Culture
  • And More

Fall 2022

Topic: Fundamentals of Knowing Our Part in God’s Plan

  • Prayer
  • God’s Will
  • The Holy Spirit


Upcoming Growth Group Dates

Newnan: October 11- 25

Peachtree City: October 12-26


Resources on Faith

Opportunities to explore on your own


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