Giving hope: Real Life Center

Giving hope to those in the local community who experience hardships from life’s unexpected difficulties like divorce, major health issues, and job loss is the mission of Real Life Center. They work to create stability amid crises. 

Real Life Center uses a holistic approach over a one-year period that incorporates innovative programs designed to be a catalyst for long-term change. The Food Program at RLC offers families of Coweta and Fayette counties bread, dairy products, canned goods and meat, and nutritious fruit and vegetables from their orchard and garden, store partners, and local farmers. 

The Financial Assistance Program assists with rent and utility bills helping to keep families in their homes, and individuals who attend their Educational Classes gain valuable information that enhances personal growth in the areas of emotional, relational, physical, financial, and spiritual health. 

The Clothing Closet, financial planning services, and career coaching help families work towards stability and propel them towards holistic change. RLC is privileged to be a safe place where hurting families feel the love of Christ. They are encouraged and gifted hope.

A few years ago, RLC was able to help a mom and her husband who unexpectedly lost their jobs while trying to raise two kids and navigate health concerns. All this was happening to them in one month. Here is what she had to say about the help they received from Real Life Center. “They met our immediate needs with help with food, clothing, and helped with some bills that were critical. It was such a relief, but even more than that, they prayed with us and encouraged us.” Later this family returned to the center bringing in donations and cleaning supplies to help others. Real Life Center gave them provided them with hope and practical care.

You can help Real Life Center help others by serving, giving and donating, praying, and telling your friends about the help RLC provides. Real Life Center impacts the Southside profoundly! We are thankful for the way they give, serve, and love our community, and you can help them during this year’s Be Rich campaign. To learn more about RLC, visit Thank you for being FOR the Southside!