3 Opportunities To Connect With Others At Church

When it comes to church, we’ve all started somewhere, be it a small church where you knew everyone, or you’ve subtly maneuvered yourself into the back row of the balcony each week because someone invited you. Innately we all have a desire to be known, and when it comes to attending a large church can be hard to find authentic friends who can make you better. At Southside, we want to help you find those people. We’ve created three ways to help you take your next best step. 

You Connect Best When You Learn And Have Fun With Others

Last November, ManNight was held at our Newnan Location. I hadn’t had much luck when it came to inviting a few of my more skeptical friends to attend on a Sunday morning. However, as soon as I started talking about muscle cars, ax-throwing, laser skeet shooting, and BBQ, it was a done deal. That night they heard Clay Scroggins speak and ended up finding themselves in some competitions with other men. This event was just the opportunity they needed to meet men like them in our church, hear what our speakers were like and have some fun.


Providing (1) irresistible environments is at the heart of Southside. Over the next year, a significant first step to connecting with others is attending a one-night event that focuses on your stage of life. These events are equal parts engaging speakers coupled with fun ways to connect with others who are Parents, Single, Married, Men, or Women. 

Man night was the first time my friend attended something at Southside, now he attends the 11:15 service regularly and has begun inviting his friends.

When You’re Passionate About Something, You Will Prioritize It

Parenting is hard. Just when you think you’ve got it figured out, the game changes. Thankfully we have access to some of the most incredible leaders in the country. Throughout this year, there will be (2) Short Term Groups available for three to four consecutive weeks. These groups offer the ability to get to know others and build a community around the things you’re most passionate about. These Short Term Groups are perfect for someone who isn’t able to commit to a long term small group at this time, waiting for the next group registration to open, or people who are new and want to take groups for a “test drive.” 

Everyone Wants To Be Known, And So Do You

Over the last few years, my family and I have lived in 3 different states. In every place we have lived, our groups have been where we’ve grown most and found our friends. (3) Joining a group is a commitment. It’s where you’re encouraged to show up, ask questions, and be real. It was in a group where I had friends follow Jesus and where we walked with a family who suffered a loss. Our group even supported us during the birth of our son. I can’t promise you will find your best friends for life, but I can promise you will build relationships with people who put Jesus first. These people will challenge you and will walk through the mess with you. You will find support and be more known than you can imagine, and a church that once felt big with a whole lot of people will quickly feel smaller and more like home. 


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